Nineteenth Century Omaha Texts

Collected by James Owen Dorsey, C̸egiha Language, 1890.

The following materials represent a selection of 19th century Omaha stories collected by James Owen Dorsey (1848–1895). Permission to place these stories in this format on the UNL Omaha language class website was granted by John Koontz. The creation of the computer files is explained by Koontz, a linguist, in the attached letter:

Letter from John E. Koontz

Omaha language student Samuel Herley (2004-2006), created the table of contents to accompany the stories provided on this website. The work was funded by the UNL ITLE program—Initiative for Teaching and Learning Excellence. The story of Indénonba Núzhinga Nonbéda: Two Faces and the Twin Brothers is included in this set. A link to the re-transcribed version of Two Faces with audio can be found on this website's home page.


The accompanying material was first collected and documented by James Owen Dorsey and printed in the 1890 The C̸egiha Language, Parts I and II, Contributions to North American Ethnography, Vol. VI, Washington: Government Printing Office. The material is now in the public domain.

The Dorsey texts included here were keyed in the early 1970s for the University of Colorado, Department of Linguistics Siouan Archives Project, under Dr. David Rood and Dr. Allan Taylor. Dr. Rood confirms that the Siouan Archives Project does not hold a copyright on this particular material.

The Dorsey texts are offered here for the benefit of all students of Omaha language and culture wherever they may live.

Additional materials that may be of interest to students of the Omaha-Ponca language include:

Siouan Archives Report Reference

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Dept of Linguistics, Campus Box 295, University of Colorado, Boulder, CO 80309.
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"This Archive and this report have been supported in Humanities. The findings contained herein do not necessarily represent the views of the Endowment."

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