A Dakota ghost story

Shaoń´ nudoń´ atha´-biama´. Atha´-bi ki noń´ba wadoń´be atha´-biama´.
Dakotas / to war / went, they say. / They went, they say / when / two / to act as scouts / they went, they say. /

Ni´kashińga wiń´ wa'oń´ na'oń´-biama´.
Person / one / singing / they heard, they say. /

He´-a-he+ the-he´-a! He´-a-he+ the-he´-a! He´-the-he´-e-he´! A-he´ the-he´-a!
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He´-the-he´-e-he´! E-ha´-hu+thu-u´ he-the´-a! Ya´-a-hu´! E´-the ha´-a-e´-a!
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Kigtha´da-biama´. Eshoń´xchi ahi´-bi ki uga´s'iń-biama´. E´githe shoń´tońga
They crawled up on him together they say. / Very near / they arrived, they say / when / they peeped, they say. / Behold / big wolf /

he was, they say. /