An effort such as this is not the undertaking of a single person. We wish to thank the following people and organizations for their help and encouragement during the process of gathering and translating the recipes in this book. We acknowledge Native Speakers Alberta Canby and Emmaline Sanchez for their weekly commitment to our class, as well as Vida Stabler and the Umóⁿhoⁿ Nation Public School Culture Center for hosting the class on our trips to Macy, Nebraska. We are indebted to the Culture Center's Native Speakers Oliver and Marcella Cayou for double-checking our translations and pronunciations. Thanks to Donna Awakuni-Swetland for allowing us to gather at her house many times during the past two years to practice our cooking skills. Thanks also go to the Macy Senior Citizens who welcomed us into their circle and encouraged us along the way. Many individuals in the Umóⁿhoⁿ communities of Macy, Omaha, and Lincoln have supported our class efforts. We appreciate those members of the Omaha Tribal Council who have publicly supported the Omaha language efforts with their words and actions. The University of Nebraska-Lincoln Department of Anthropology, Native American Studies program, and the Institute for Ethnic Studies have been steadfast in their support of the vision of a Native language program. A special thank you to Denine Parker and her students in the Umóⁿhoⁿ Nation Public School Art Department for the wonderful illustrations in our book. Tamara Levi filled the role of Teaching Assistant for Omaha IV and served as layout and production editor for this volume. Rory Larson provided invaluable computer and linguistic expertise. Partial funding for this activity came from the Department of Linguistics, Yale University, Endangered Language Fund; a UNL Diversity Enhancement Grant; the Awakuni-Swetland family; and the Native Speakers and students of the Omaha language class. To all these persons we humbly say "Wíbthahon "